Michelin Pilot Sport All Season 4 ZP Sizes & review

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The Pilot Sport All Season 4 ZP (Zero Pressure) is Michelin’s Ultra High Performance All-Season run-flat tire developed for Original Equipment use on the Chevrolet Corvette. Chosen by Chevrolet as the first all-season OE option on a Corvette, the Pilot Sport All Season 4 ZP is built to push the limits of all-season performance, plus provide temporary continued mobility after a puncture has allowed complete loss of pressure for a distance of 50 miles at up to 50 mph. Designed to offer high levels of dry and wet traction, combined with confidence in inclement weather, the Pilot Sport All Season 4 ZP aims to control the moment no matter the condition, even in light snow.

Featuring an advanced tread compound molded into an innovative asymmetric pattern, the Pilot Sport All Season 4 ZP utilizes large reinforced outboard shoulder blocks that help deliver lateral grip. Dynamic Response Technology evens out the forces exerted on the contact patch during hard cornering, improving handling characteristics and tread wear. Wide circumferential channels combine with large rain grooves to evacuate heavy water from the contact patch, helping increase hydroplaning resistance. Wet traction and stability are further enhanced by the Extreme Silica Compound, along with dynamic biting edges from the distinctive 360 Degree Variable Sipes. These full-depth and interlocking sipes also complement wintertime traction and combine with biting edges molded into the sides of the circumferential grooves to enhance snow performance. The Pilot Sport All Season 4 ZP employs Michelin’s Helio Technology, which is derived from sunflower oil. This sustainable and biodegradable material helps the tread maintain its flexibility at lower temperatures, ensuring the Pilot All Season 4 ZP’s capabilities, even in colder climates.

Max. Inflation Pressure Tread Depth Tire Weight Rim Width Range Meas. Rim Width Sect. Width Tread Width Overall Diam. Revs. Per Mile
540 AA A 1,279 lbs 51 psi 10/32″ 27 lbs 8-9.5″ 8.5″ 9.8″ 9.1″ 25.8″ 807
540 AA A 1,709 lbs 51 psi 10/32″ 35 lbs 10.5-11.5″ 11″ 12.3″ 11.2″ 27.2″ 764



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