Pirelli Cinturato CN36 Sizes & review

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The Cinturato CN36 is Pirelli’s High Performance Summer tire developed for drivers of classic automobiles who want modern tire technology combined with vintage good looks and driving feel. Like all summer tires, the Cinturato CN36 is not intended to be serviced, stored nor driven in near- and below-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice.

The vintage tread pattern of the Cinturato CN36 is molded from a compound designed to retain performance characteristics that match vintage sports cars while also conforming to the latest environmental standards. The pattern features longitudinal and diagonal elements intended to be soft at low speed and precise at high speed while also resisting hydroplaning.

Internal construction of the Cinturato CN36 blends old and new technology, beginning with a casing that retains the dual-ply construction of the original Cinturato CN36, but utilizes a modern, motorsport-derived nylon. Two high tensile steel belts use latest-generation materials, and the nylon reinforcement ply is spirally wound at zero degrees using current ultra-high performance construction processes.

Note: Tires exposed to temperatures of 20 degrees F (-7 degrees C) or lower must be permitted to gradually return to temperatures of at least 40 degrees F (5 degrees C) for at least 24 hours before they are flexed in any manner, such as by adjusting inflation pressures, mounting them on wheels, or using them to support, roll or drive a vehicle.

Flexing of the specialized rubber compounds used in High Performance Summer tires during cold weather use can result in irreversible compound cracking. Pirelli’s warranty does not cover tires that develop compound cracking due to use in ambient temperatures below 45 degrees Fahrenheit (7 degrees Celsius) because it occurs as a result of improper use or storage.


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