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The Michelin Pilot HX MXM4 is an All-Season Grand Touring tire that was developed to provide driving harmony by blending responsive handling with good ride and noise comfort. It was developed to blend some of the looks and handling of a performance tire with the reduced noise and ride comfort associated with a premium passenger tire, as well as provide year-round traction, even in light snow.

On the outside, the Pilot HX MXM4 features a weather-tuned tread compound molded into a symmetric tread design to provide traction on dry, wet and snow-covered roads. The independent tread blocks provide snow biting edges and are combined with circumferential grooves to evacuate water out from under the tire’s footprint to reduce hydroplaning and enhance wet traction. Internally, the Pilot HX MXM4 features twin steel belts reinforced by Michelin’s BAZ (Banded At Zero) spiral-wrapped polyamide cord to stabilize the tread area and enhance treadwear, handling and high-speed capability. The Pilot HX MXM4 features a polyester cord body to provide a smooth ride.

Max. Inflation PressureTread DepthTire WeightRim Width RangeMeas. Rim WidthSect. WidthTread WidthOverall Diam.Revs. Per Mile
300 A A1,521 lbs51 psi10/32"24 lbs6-8"7"9.8"8.3"25.8"806
300 A A1,356 lbs51 psi10/32"23 lbs7-8.5"7.5"8.9"NA24.8"844
300 A A1,356 lbs51 psi10/32"25 lbs8-9.5"8.5"9.8"NA24.7"841
300 A A1,653 lbs44 psi9.5/32"26 lbs7-8.5"7.5"10" 26.7"779
300 A A1,653 lbs44 psi9.5/32"26 lbs7-8.5"7.5"10"NA26.7"779
300 A A1,356 lbs44 psi10/32"25 lbs7-8.5"7.5"8.9"7.4"25.9"802
300 A A1,609 lbs44 psi9.5/32"28 lbs6.5-8.5"7.5"9.7"8.7"27.3"762
300 A A1,609 lbs44 psi9.5/32"30 lbs6.5-8.5"8"9.5"NA27.5"759
300 A A1,709 lbs44 psi9.5/32"30 lbs6.5-8.5"7.5"9.7"8.5"28.2"739
300 A A1,565 lbs44 psi10/32"27 lbs7.5-9"8"9.2"NA26.9"775
300 A A1,819 lbs44 psi9.5/32"30 lbs8.5-10"9"10.5"8.7"27.4"760,


  1. 2013 Buick LaCrosse AWD with 71000 on the original set of tires. They have looked like they’ve needed replacing for a year, but honestly, they still grip well in rain. I’m actually surprised that they still have the grip they do. We live sub-urban and drive about 5 miles of country road before we hit the stop lights of the town. Like everything with that Buick, these tires support everything that is smooth, quiet and comfortable. I’m not going to try to get any more out of these during the next winter season. You win, Michelin. I’m buying a replacement set – I don’t know how I could get as lucky with a different set.

  2. Bought my Acura TSX as a lease return with 55,000 miles on it. Michelins looked to be in such good shape, I thought maybe they were replaced by the first owner. I realize now that these puppies can go the distance! I am at almost 97,000 miles (156,000 km) and I’m nearing the wear bars at last. These are good handlers in the dry, and passable in the wet. Recent hydroplaning incident has me looking at new rubber, though. Light snow is do-able, but anything over a few inches has me leaving it in the garage and taking transit to work. One thing I’m really impressed with is the tires’ quiet demeanour, even when it’s close to used up. Have to admire the design and construction. However, these will be replaced with Sport A/S 3+ tires because I’m looking for more traction in the wet. Weather events these days are getting nastier!

  3. Great tire that came standard on our 2012 AWD Charger RT. Have about 61,000 miles on them and they are ready to be replaced. I was not the best at getting them rotated regularly and they still held up nice. Pretty good in the snow and ice. Overall great tire.

  4. These tires came on my RWD Charger and the reason I suspect so many manufacturers use these from the factory is because of how quiet and comfortable the ride is on them, good way to make your new purchase feel nice. Other than that these tires have been pretty terrible, especially factoring in the ridiculous price. Perfect conditions and they do a decent job but during heavy rain there was more than a few times the rear end stepped out and two memorable hydroplane instances. More than a 1/2″ of snow? Fuhggeddaboutit. Absolutely useless though to be fair they weren’t really designed for snow, make sure you have a set of winter tires when getting these!

  5. I have been driving Mercedes and BMW’s hard since 1985. I’ve owned 5 Mercedes E’s, G’s and C’s. I bought this E320 4MATIC for my elderly mother to replace her Nissan. After buying the car I drove it from the SF Bay Area to her home in western Kentucky with my family. We took the longest twisting scenic route through the Rockies and I definitely put the car and these tires through their paces hard. At home my wife and I have a 2016 and a 2018 Mercedes both with much more expensive rubber. However I am frankly shocked at all aspects of these tires. Despite my pretty much shameless and wanton abuse the tires are performing remarkably well. They show zero wear and I have thrown them around some of the most challenging roads in the country. I was concerned at first because of the mixed reviews. However they’re handling far better than many other tires I’ve owned. We live in the mountains in California and so burn through tires pretty quickly. These tires are awesome for touring and exceptionally quiet as well. These tires are frankly made for a Mercedes sports sedan and are capable and comfortable on dry straight ways as well as twisting mountains roads and rain. On the way east we were hit with severe weather: sudden downpours and flooded highways. At one point there was standing water and a truck next to us was having control problems in the water on the highway. The tires gripped the road well with zero hydroplaning. The rain and splashing from other vehicles was so bad on a mountain passthat we briefly lost visibility. I’m very thankful for the high quality and wet weather performance of these tires. These aren’t track tires but frankly they’re far higher performing than most people are giving them credit for.

  6. Shocked when these tires are at the wear bars after only 20k miles. Looking at specs, this is the expected lifespan in my use case. This is a daily driver, fair amount of stop and go, no freeway/interstate to speak of, mostly state/county roads going from stop light to stop light. Average speed of 35 mph. Different size tires in front/rear seems to cut life of these in half according to manufacturer’s documentation.


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