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The Michelin LTX A/S is a durable, premium, highway all-season light truck tire designed to meet new vehicle Original Equipment requirements. The LTX A/S was developed to provide particularly smooth, even wear, low noise and good fuel efficiency, even in demanding commercial applications.

The LTX A/S features Michelin’s advanced all-weather light truck tread rubber compound molded into a five-rib, closed-shoulder tread design to blend light snow traction with a quiet ride. On the inside, LTX A/S tires feature two steel belts (Load Range D and Load Range E sizes add a third steel belt) to enhance durability and tread puncture resistance. The LTX A/S features Michelin’s Stress Equilibrium Casing design to distribute stresses evenly through the tire’s footprint to provide even wear and long mileage.


  1. I’ve been through 2 sets of these tires. They last 80,000 miles without lumps, tumors or separation. I have had them plugged from holes and I couldn’t ask for more in a tire. They wear evenly and I’m ready for set number 3. If you don’t like buying tires, these are a great choice.

  2. These were on my 02′ Suburban and have been the most reliable and comfortable set I have had. Although they are pricey 200.00+ ea,in the long run they are an excellent value and look great too. If you can afford the extra bump over other brands you will be glad you spent the extra $$s.

  3. These Michelins were OEM when we bought the car new. We now have 61000+ miles on them with over 40% of original tread remaining. While we stated that it was down a little in the traction on mud and rock understand it’s a little Cadi with a turbo so it’s really not meamnt to be rocking down the dirt rads or going off road as an AWD vehicle. TheAWD system will pull you up the road to the ski hill which will allow you to enjoy the wintery northern Illinois /Wisconsin area weather. We did loose two (2) tires one at 10/k and another at 15/k because of sidewall damage but thats to be expected when your trying to combine performance with AWD let’s go have some fun don’t let the weather stop you mindset. Yes, I would purchase another set and will set it up before Winter 2016 kicks in.

  4. I have a 2008 Toyota Sequoia SR5 and I bought these tires new as a replacement for my original tires at 62,500 miles. These tires came with a 70,000 mile tread life warranty, but now my tires are down to the wear indicators and I’m at 110K miles. The tread life was just 47,500. Although, the tires did not live up anywhere near the warranty, they did perform well under most driving conditions, If it weren’t for the short tread life, I would definitely buy this tire again. I have since moved onto Yokohama’s and I will see how they perform.

  5. At 58K miles and 5.5 years old, I suppose that I should not be too disappointed with these tires. The treadwear has been excellent and if not for the belt separation, there would probably be many more miles left on them. These tires have failed from the inside out. It’s not one but two out of the four tires that have done so. I’ve owned other Michelin tires that have long outlasted the tire’s rating. Not so for these but still a respectable life. On the plus, traction and performance is excellent. Noise not a problem. I plan to replace these with the same LTX model. I’m also running these on my wife’s 2001 Toyota Highlander. She has about 30,000 miles on them and no issues whatsoever.

  6. Switched out the OEM Bridgestones for the Michelin LTX when purchasing the new vehicle. Been very happy with the choice and would consider purchasing the same again. Smooth quiet ride.

  7. Replaced OE tires with these. Overall I’m very pleased. They perform well on this 5,800 lbs. vehicle. Haven’t driven in snow or ice so I can’t rate these performances. So far they are wearing well. Based on ownership thus far I would buy again.


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