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The Ventus S1 noble2 (H452) is Hankook’s Ultra High Performance All-Season tire developed for the drivers of sports cars, sporty coupes and performance sedans looking to combine on-road performance with all-season traction in dry wet and wintry conditions. Designed to provide Hankook’s ideal Ultra High Performance All-Season balance, the Ventus S1 noble2 blends handling and cornering performance with all-season traction, even in light snow.

Kontrol Technology is a Hankook philosophy, as well as a set of proprietary innovations applied during tire research, development and production to ensure controlled driving experiences. The “K” denotes “kinetic” to reflect that the interaction of the tire with the road lies at the heart of driving control. Kontrol Technology provides a range of benefits across four areas that drivers identify as key when choosing quality tires: performance, safety, comfort and environmental impact.

Ventus S1 noble2 tires use hybrid compound technology silica that combines wet road traction with lower rolling resistance and longer treadlife. This compound is molded into a sophisticated semi-rib asymmetric tread design that features notched outboard shoulders, intermediate and center ribs to deliver responsive handling and stable cornering in dry conditions. Four circumferential grooves and inboard Aqua Hydro Block technology provide efficient wet traction and braking. Carving edge grooves and 3D sipes promote wet road and wintertime traction without abandoning dry road response and handling.

The tire’s internal structure includes twin steel belts reinforced by a double layer of spirally wrapped nylon to blend handling, high-speed durability and uniform ride quality. Sidewalls are tuned with high-hardness bead fillers and casing plies that promote handling, steering response and ride uniformity. The tire was developed using 3D vibration analysis technology, which produces an advanced mold profile that delivers uniform contact pressure across the footprint to promote even wear and secure braking performance.


  1. A mid-life set of these came with my used GTI. Passable in the dry – a bit harsh and noisy. Terrifyingly crummy in the wet – aquaplane easily and break traction with even light throttle inputs. Would not dare drive in snow or ice. Steering response is good. Ditching these ASAP.

  2. Please keep in mind that this review is strictly for WINTER driving. Pretty much all all-season tires handle decent in the summer and rain. Winter is where I think most people worry about there tires. These are the tires that came with my Edge Sport. I had to replace 1 when I got a nail in the sidewall. That’s besides the point. I’ve owned front wheel drive Honda and Pontiac’s. 4×4 pickups and Jeeps. When I bought this car, thinking because it had all season’s and AWD, it would drive ok in the snow. WRONG. These have been the absolute worse set of all season tires I’ve ever owned. They have very little bite on that light hard packed driven slushy snow. Even with all wheel drive and traction control, I should understeer initially and plow straight shutout turning much. When I finally was able to grab traction it would oversteer. I don’t have torque vectoring side to side on the Edge. Pretty much all it does is adjust percent of power to front or rear. Even that couldn’t keep up with getting these things hooked up. My 4×4 pickup drove so much better on its all seasons. I think they were General Grabbers. Not 100% positive. But I do know, they were not theses hankooks. Even with no weight over the rear tires, the combination of the trucks traction control and 4×4, that Nissan Titan was a beast. I was able to drive a little more aggressively than I admittedly should have, but that thing was unstoppable. Any hint of oversteer, the TCS would kick in and keep things under total control. I’m positive if I had tires similar to those, the Edge would drive so much better in snow. Just with the Hankooks,it made it a miserable experience. Look at pretty much any other tire.

  3. It’s been about 4 years since purchasing Noble s1 tires from tirerack.com. No problem with Hankook tires… Good looking tires and no problems so far. Maybe not as good as Michelin tires but good solid all around. No abnormal wears. Happy with the purchase and will buy again in the future.

  4. I never had any experience with Hankook tires but these were on the vehicle when purchased new off the dealer lot. After 23000 miles the tread was gone. I replaced them with a different brand tire. I don’t plan to purchase any more Hankook’s.

  5. Bought these tires in July of 2018 already having to replace them after 15000 miles. Tread life is horrible. They did not perform well in the snow either. Definitely won’t be buying another set of Hankooks any time soon.

  6. These were OEM on our Ford Edge. For about a year, 18000 miles or so, they were fine. Not great but unnoticeable for the most part. Then the tread wore out at a shocking pace. At 23000 miles we need to replace soon. Wear indicator shows they are almost dead, and the road noise is getting very bad. I’ve never seen tires wear this quick. They are complete junk. Stay away!


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