Goodyear Integrity Sizes & review


The Goodyear Integrity has become a popular Passenger All-Season tire as the result of being chosen as an Original Equipment fitment on numerous family coupes, sedans, minivans and crossover vehicles. Integrity radials blend low rolling resistance tread compounds and internal constructions tuned to enhance vehicle fuel efficiency with year-round traction, even in occasional light snow.

Integrity tires mold an all-season tread rubber compound into a symmetric tread design that combines a continuous center rib to provide constant rubber-to-road contact and increase dry road traction as well as reduce noise. Independent shoulder blocks, circumferential grooves and siped intermediate tread blocks promote foul weather traction. The tire’s internal structure includes twin, high-tensile steel belts on top of a polyester cord body to enhance reliability and ride.

*Specific sizes featuring low rolling resistance technology are identified as such on the Sizes tab, as well as on the tire’s Specs tab.

Max. Inflation PressureTread DepthTire WeightRim Width RangeMeas. Rim WidthSect. WidthTread WidthOverall Diam.Revs. Per Mile
460 A B1,047 lbs51 psi9/32"15 lbs5-6.5"5"7.6"6.1"23"908
460 A B1,653 lbs44 psi10/32"22 lbs5.5-7"6.5"8.7"6.4"26.8" 
460 A B1,984 lbs44 psi11/32"28 lbs6-8"7"9.5"7.1"29"721
460 A B1,819 lbs44 psi10/32"27 lbs6-8"6.5"8.8" 28.4" 
460 A B1,819 lbs44 psi10/32"27 lbs6-8"6.5"8.8" 28.4" 


  1. These tires, what can I say about these tires? For one, treadwear is a pain with them. I got these tires on a car with 83k miles on it, and they lasted a little under 6k miles before they decided to go bald. I don¿t drive my car hard unless I need to, and these tires were pure garbage for an average driving style.In the rain, before they totally wore down they were average. After about 4K miles they began to break the back end loose on turns. Keep in mind I¿m going maybe 15 mph in some cases 20mph around turns, and my car is front wheel drive. That is downright despicable for a hundred dollar tire. Hydroplaning was common, even at early mileage.These tires are terrible in the snow. At any mileage, these tires were unable to get grip. There was a slush on the ground once, and I go to take a normal turn and the car totally lost control. I couldn¿t stop, I couldn¿t steer, I couldn¿t do a single thing. This was at maybe 15 if not 10mph. Thankfully, I hit a dry patch and managed to save my car from swerving off the road. It was the scariest thing I have ever experienced in a car. DO NOT BUY THESE TIRES! Utter garbage for any application!

  2. These tires came new on a used 2010 Mercury Grand Marquis that I purchased with 45000 miles. These tires do not deserve the name Goodyear. There are cheaper tires from 3rd world countries that are far cheaper, longer lasting and better quality. At less than 20000 miles one if the tires began shaking, turns out the inside tread on two tires has uneven, choppy wear. After doing an alignment the shop told me that nothing was wrong with my car itself, all components including tie rod ends were as tight as a new car, and the alignment was not that far off to begin with. After doing religious tire rotations every 8000 or so miles, the tires continue to wear terribly. Up until 20000 they were decent, quiet, and comfortable, now they shake like a paint shaker. I’m just glad I didn’t pay for these out of pocket. One more year and maybe a total of 35000 miles if they make it, they will be ready for the dumpster.

  3. I now have 23,000 on this tire. The rears have worn very little in 23,000 mile. The front tires are about half worn so should be good for 50,000 miles. I have now notice tire noise but I have not rotated the tires yet. So far I am pleased for a reasonable tire. I will probably rotate and report back at 40,000. These are the made in Japan size 225x65x17.

  4. This is the second set of identical tires. Excellent tires. About 50,000 miles on first set still looked O.K. But decided to go with new ones.

  5. Very poor wet traction and almost no snow or ice traction. A Civic is not the most powerful car but tires slip and spin in any kind of wet weather.

  6. This tire did well in 62,000 miles. I had an alignment problem with the rear of the car and their was no adjustment for the camber that was the problem. Did one rotation front to back which helped minimize the problem. I have always had excellent tires from Japan and this one is no exception. This is my first SUV and I am surprised Honda made no adjustment of camber on the rear. A kit is available to allow the adjustment for about 300 dollars.

  7. I bought these tires for my Grand Prix as a last minute necessity (my old tires were messed up from an improper alignment and would not pass state inspection). My overall impression of these tires was “meh”. They provided a relatively quiet and comfortable ride, and I never had any problems in the rain, but traction on snow/ice is pretty much non existent. If you live in a cold climate, I would only recommend these if you have a set of snow tires to put on when the time is right.


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