Goodyear Eagle F1 Supercar EMT Sizes & review


The Eagle F1 Supercar EMT is Goodyear’s self-supporting, run-flat Max Performance Summer radial developed as Original Equipment for sports cars, (C-6 Corvette equipped with Chevrolet’s Z51 Performance Package and C-6 Corvette Z06), and performance sedans (Cadillac CTS-V). Eagle F1 Supercar EMT tires emphasize dry road traction and handling, and feature Goodyear’s self-supporting Extended Mobility Technology (EMT) to provide temporary mobility even after a complete loss of air pressure while eliminating the traditional spare tire and wheel to allow more storage and luggage space. Like all summer tires, they are not intended to be driven in snow.

Goodyear’s warranty states: “Ultra high-performance summer tires are not recommended for winter use, and tread or shoulder cracking on those tires resulting from winter use will not be covered under our warranty.”

Eagle F1 Supercar EMT tires feature a high-grip Goodyear AAtrax tread compound (the AAtrax name emphasizing that the Eagle F1 Supercar EMT earns the highest “AA” Uniform Tire Quality Grade wet traction rating) molded into a slightly reduced tread depth (9/32″ instead of traditional 10/32″) asymmetric tread design that combines large outer shoulder and intermediate tread blocks to increase initial steering response and cornering stability with a solid center rib to maintain constant road contact and enhance straight-line tracking. Wide circumferential grooves and smaller interior tread and shoulder blocks help water escape from between the tire and the road to maintain wet traction and hydroplaning resistance. The tire’s structure includes twin, high-tensile steel belts reinforced with spirally wound Aramid to distribute the vehicle’s load across the tire’s footprint providing high-speed durability and uniform ride qualities. Rayon body plies enhance high temperature and high-speed durability while exterior sidewall rim flange protectors help guard wheels against curb damage.

Max. Inflation PressureTread DepthTire WeightRim Width RangeMeas. Rim WidthSect. WidthTread WidthOverall Diam.Revs. Per Mile
220 AA A1,235 lbs44 psi9/32"28 lbs8-9.5"8.5"9.8"7.7"25.7"813
220 AA A1,204 lbs44 psi8/32"29 lbs9-11"9.5"10.9"9.2"25.6"816
220 AA A1,477 lbs44 psi8/32"34 lbs12-13"12"13.2"11.6"26.7"783


  1. One word describes these tires, HORRIBLE! I’ve only had these tires on for 4 months and I have to replace them.Several cracks in tread and along sidewall in two locations. They also wear unevenly and this is with perfect alignmentthat I had done twice in the past six months! Do not purchase these!

  2. I’ve had these crappy tires as OEM on my new ’07 Corvette & my new 2011 Corvette Z06 & in a word ‘lousy”….hard riding, noisy & really not any good at all around driving & when trying to turn, the front’s just skip all over the place & makes you think the friggin’ wheel is going to fall off, not only scary & annoying but embarrassing, as well!I just replaced these tires (the ONLY thing ‘Super’ about these tires is the price)! with the OEM’s on new Corvette’s with the Michelin PS2’s & are really a great handling tire….I only have about 500 miles on them so far & the only negative feature is that they are a little noisier, but that may be because the temps in my area of NC lately have been in the below 40’s for the most part. I feel as the temps get higher that the tire will be quiet.Also would like to recommend the great service from Tire Rack. My Corvette dealer did not have access to getting these tires even though they are OEM on the new Sting Rays so I had Tire Rack deliver them to the local Hendrick dealership where I’ve been doing business with them since I bought my new ’07 Z51 ‘Vette, great service dept., see Danny for top-notch service.

  3. Finished off these tires on my C5 Z06 after 2 days on the CMP track for a total of two hundred minutes of high performance driving with a good amount of threads remaining, but outside threads were cracked at the center for the entire circumference (I have ugly pictures to prove it). That was the end of Goodyear for me.

  4. If I hadn’t experienced what most of the reviewers had written about these tires, I would believe it was a conspiracy against Goodyear. Wrong. These tires are every bit as bad as all of the reviews say. My experience was just as bad, tread-wear, handling, ride and NOISE. Terrible tire, GM and Goodyear should be ashamed. I never expected 50,000 miles out of these tires that were OEM on my new 2010 GS convertible but 15,000 miles? C’mon man. Actually they were shot at 10,000 miles. The car is a weekend driver and once a week 15 mile round trip to work car. No burn-outs or hard cornering just a stylin ride for fun and sun. I was gonna replace with the Michelin’s but rears were unavailable until June from TireRack so I opted for my second choice which was the Continental Extreme Contact, great tires so far. I have a smile on my face again driving this awesome car. Never Goodyear again.

  5. These tires usually catch a lot of flack here and on Corvette Forum. Living in the Northwest where we get a lot of rain, these tires are okay. On wet roads with standing water, you have to slow down to prevent hydroplaning and make sure to turn off cruise control. When it is dry and on the street, they grip well and are predictable. The run flat technology gives piece of mind and also sharpens steering response. On the track, these tires are predictable and when warmed up and at the proper inflation level, perform well.


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