Goodyear Assurance CS TripleTred All-Season Sizes & review


The Assurance CS TripleTred All-Season is Goodyear’s premium Crossover/SUV Touring All-Season light truck tire developed for the drivers of crossovers, sport utility vehicles and light duty pickup trucks looking for year-round drivability. The tire’s directional tread pattern features three unique zones designed to provide all-season traction in dry, wet and wintry conditions, even in light snow.

Large shoulder blocks in the Dry Zone provide confident maneuvering on clear pavement. Sculptured Aquachannel grooves in the Water Zone help evacuate water and slush, to increase traction on wet roads and in wintry conditions. And innovative tread compound polymers are molded into an Ice Zone featuring a continuous center rib with multiple biting edges to enhance gripping traction on slick roads, packed snow and ice. The tire’s tread pattern also features Goodyear’s Evolving Traction Grooves that begin as 1/10″ wide sipes to maximize footprint contact when the tire is new, and broaden into wider lateral grooves as the tire wears. Compared to conventional sipes, Evolving Traction Grooves generate more rain, slush and snow traction longer into the tire’s life.

The tire’s internal structure includes twin steel belts reinforced with spirally wound polyamide to blend ride quality with durability. The tire features a polyester cord casing to enhance ride comfort.

Max. Inflation PressureTread DepthTire WeightRim Width RangeMeas. Rim WidthSect. WidthTread WidthOverall Diam.Revs. Per Mile
740 A B1,819 lbs51 psi11/32"32 lbs6-7.5"6.5"9"7.4"28.4"735
740 A B2,271 lbs51 psi11/32"38 lbs7-9"7.5"10.2"8"31.1"672


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