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Dunlop SP Sport Maxx 050 is a Max Performance Summer tire. Max Performance Summer tires are for serious driving enthusiasts who want a combination of a performance appearance, competent handling and Z-speed rated (orhigher) durability with enhanced dry and wet traction. Often used as Original Equipment (O.E.) on powerful sports cars, performance coupes and high performancesedans, Max Performance Summer tires are not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice.

O.E. Max Performance Summer tires are typically purchased as direct replacements for worn-out pairs/sets of thevehicle’s original tires. They can also be used for other vehicle applications in complete sets of four or axle pairs if available in an appropriate size, loadrange and speed rating to match the existing O.E. tires’ performance category and specifications.


  1. Tires were OEM on Lexus GS350 F Sport. Fairly decent tire but not quiet on asphalt roads. Rears are almost to wear bars at 18k miles without aggressive driving habits. Fronts have over 7/32 left. Don’t understand the wear disparity, but going to buy 4 Michelines for $1300 a set rather than spend $800 for a pair of rear Dunlops

  2. These tires came with the Lexus GS350 2014. The biggest issue is road noise. when making turns at a slow speed, you can hear a noise that sounds like metal to metal grinding, similar to when brake pads are worn out completely, and the rotor is exposed. I brought it to the dealership to have them check if the rotors or brake pads were ok, (assuming that they might have forgotten to install a brake pad or something), but they said that it is just how these “performance tires” drive. When driving on concrete pavement, the noise is similar to what bare bones small car like a Toyota yaris might make. It is a shame to see that lexus went with a tire that was not researched well. The lexus GS is supposed to compete with BMW 5 series and MB 350, which are luxury/sport vehicles. You might expect the tires to be so rough and noisy on a corvete or a 100% sports car, but not on a lexus or MB 350. Anyway, thanks to the tire rack’s research, I found a highly rated all season tire, “Pirelli 7”, and will buy those. Will provide feedback comparison between the two tires again after I install the new tires.

  3. These tires came as OEM tires on my ’15 Lexus GS 350. While they handle as they should, being a performance summer tire, I found them to be very noisy. And when the temperature got below 40 degrees they were hard as a rock and road terrible. I gave up at 2400 miles and replaced them with Continental Extreme Contact DWS 06 tires which I love. I would not even consider the Dunlops again.

  4. Factory tires on my 2015 IS350 F Sport. Tire treads 70% or greater, the tire performs well, but is ok in rain. 50% or less tread, the tires are downright awful and dangerous in wet weather, dry weather they are still good but stay away from these tires if you have a lot of rain in your area, or have worn tread by the time winter arrives. I wouldn’t recommend the tire, I am being cheap and riding them out before replacing, but if I wasn’t, I would have swapped them out 5 months ago. For the price, they are way overpriced with much better options for a lot less.

  5. These tires were on my car since new and I have been driving on them for approximately 47,000. At the time of dismount, each tire was right at the wear bar. Each of my tires had uneven wear ranging from inner to outer camber wear but I attribute this to an alignment issue. Dry grip was excellent throughout the tires life – can make turning exits on small streets or driveways with an aggressive right foot with no loss of traction. I did not experience any hydroplaning during rainstorms. These tires gave me confidence in both wet and dry braking.Road noise and comfort is horrible. High frequency bumps and sharp bumps at speed makes my car feel like a huge impact wrench. Lots of tread noise on all kinds of pavement other than smooth cement.While performance is adequate, for the same price, you can get better tires that perform better in wet or dry and are quieter and more comfortable.


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