Dunlop Direzza DZ102 Sizes & review

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The Direzza DZ102 is Dunlop’s Ultra High Performance Summer tire developed for sports car, sports coupe and performance sedan driving enthusiasts. Designed to combine sleek styling and impressive handling, the Direzza DZ102 delivers head-turning performance in warm, dry and wet conditions, however it is not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice.

Direzza DZ102 tires feature Dunlop’s specially formulated Silicarbon Matrix tread compound (combines silica and carbon black) to enhance traction. The compound is molded into a directional tread design featuring broad shoulder blocks and three notched central ribs to promote responsive handling and stable cornering. Wide circumferential tread channels enhance hydroplaning resistance and wet traction.

The tire’s internal structure includes twin steel belts reinforced by Dunlop’s Jointless Band (JLB) spirally wound polyamide cord cap ply to stabilize the tread area for enhanced treadwear, handling and high-speed capability. A polyester cord body enhances ride quality while Max Flange Shields adjacent to the beads help resist rim damage due to accidental curbing.


  1. These were the OEM tires on my 2014 WRX. I have no problems with how they handle but I just had a routine service at the Subaru dealership and was told that the tires need to be replace due to wear. That is at 24,000 miles which is the lowest mileage at replacement that I can remember from 40 years of driving.

  2. Tire came on my 2013 WRX all in all the tire is pretty good with 1 huge down fall, price. Briefly looking at other reviews i feel that I got lucky. The tires have 45,000 on them and i could put another 12,000 without worry. Next year I’ll be replacing the tires and i will be going with something different. How am i supposed to justify double the cost for a tire that doesn’t perform as well as other tires in the category, even without all the horror stories that are seen out there.

  3. These tires came stock on my 14 wrx and 13000 miles later two of the tires are wearing BAD on the inside of the tire. I’ve had alignments done, tires are rotated every oil change for me (3000 miles). This makes me believe the tire doesn’t heat up evenly, I will not be getting these again to replace current ones.

  4. Worst tires I’ve EVER owned. Enjoy replacing them twice a year with bubbles in your sidewall. Will NEVER own Dunlop tires again. There should be a lawsuit regarding Dunlop stealing consumers hard earned money.

  5. I live in China where 21 inch wheels come standard on all Infiniti FX (nowadays known as the QX70). These things are noisy and very rough on any bumpy road and I’ve honestly never liked them. The wet traction is pretty good and so is the dry traction. Noise is a main issue with these tires, at 60 mph if I have all windows up and the radio off then all I’m hearing are the tires. It would be unlikely that I would purchase these tires again, but since China has a stupid law requiring you to keep all tire sizes stock in order to pass yearly inspections, there any other choices for me- Pirellis and Bridgestones at the same size aren’t available here.

  6. OEM tires with great grip and cornering stability. Compared to some all-season performance tires I bought for Winter the Dunlops stick like Velcro. They got pretty loud before I had to pitch them. The treadwear wasn’t as good as I hoped, even though I think most of the issue was my car’s aggressive “performance” wheel alignment that caused the insides of the tires to wear out pretty quickly.


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