Pirelli P Zero Run Flat Sizes & review

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The P Zero Run Flat is a Max Performance Summer self-supporting run-flat tire developed for the drivers of sports cars, sports coupes and high performance luxury sedans looking to combine the know-how derived from 100 years of Pirelli motorsport experience with the convenience of temporary extended mobility in the event of complete air pressure loss. Used as Original Equipment on Mini Cooper S and BMW 7 Series sedans, the P Zero Run Flat lineup includes selected additional replacement tire sizes for other vehicles. Pirelli’s warranty does not cover tires that develop compound cracking due to use in ambient temperatures below 45° Fahrenheit (7° Celsius), so the P Zero Run Flat, like all summer tires, is not intended to be driven in near-freezing temperatures, through snow or on ice.

P Zero Run Flat tires feature a special silica and carbon black tread compound that proves competent during the first few miles of driving when the tire is still cold, as well as provides consistent performance throughout the tire’s life. The tread compound is molded into Pirelli’s S-treme asymmetric design in which the location and width of the circumferential and lateral grooves minimize deformation to blend responsive handling, hydroplaning resistance and wet traction with dry road performance, even wear and acoustic comfort. Special nano-composites in the compound beneath the tread protect the casing from deterioration and merge sport handling with ride comfort. The tire’s internal structure includes twin steel belts reinforced by polyamide cord plies and an integration of nylon and aramid cord that controls tire profile deformation and stabilizes the tread area to enhance high-speed capability and handling.

Sidewalls feature additional reinforcements to provide self-supporting run-flat capabilities of 50 mph for 50 miles (80 km/h for 80 km). Due to these restrictions, it’s imperative drivers be notified when a loss in tire pressure occurs and requires the vehicle be equipped with a tire pressure monitoring system (TPMS) to detect and signal tire pressure changes.

Though they cannot be labeled as run-flat tires, tires branded with MOExtended or MOE on their sidewalls offer run-flat-like characteristics by delivering limited temporary extended mobility after a puncture results in complete loss of air pressure. Because MOExtended or MOE tires do not have the same speed and distance endurance of conventional run-flat tires, they should not be substituted in any situation where a conventional run-flat tire is required. To confirm what your vehicle needs, check our Original Equipment tire listing for your year, make and model or see your vehicle owner’s manual.


  1. I don’t know about these tires been driving grand Cherokee srt’s for some time now. As us owners know we go thru a lot of tires. I got a 2019 trackhawk and well this one is a little more fun then The last few but that being said 7100 miles and I just ordered a second set I’m getting awful close to wear indicators. Once the fun wears off of the new Jeep it won’t be so bad but in the past I have averaged between getting About 15-18k miles a set not that good! But if by some miracle you can get 20k or more they will just go wonky any how I have tried other options there isn’t a lot out there these are the best trie for that srt they handle well are quiet and they are comfortable But the thing I dislike about them the most is the lack of warranty it’s non existent I have replaced two sets at out of pocket expenses on defects one was sidewall bulge the wires broke. And the second the back two feathered on me they just fell apart.i See a lot of complaints about how long they last but they are z rated run flats what do you expect you’re driving some kinda performance suv with these. So I’ll —- up the short life span and continue to buy them. Still the best tire even though they don’t last

  2. Worst tire I’ve ever had. I’ve gone through 2 in 2 weeks now. They blow the sidewall out with every bump you hit.I have 10 friends with these. The least I have heard from them is 4 blown tires a year. Most are averaging just under 1 tire blowout per month.

  3. This the original tires on my 2015 CTS VSport RWD Cadillac. I bougth this vehicle brand new with 600 miles on it. It’s very frustrating because all four tires are worn out and I will have to replace them with only 15,000 miles on them. These tires are too expensive for an average 60 year old driver like me. Something is wrong with these tires to wear out so fast and I don’t even go to a race track.

  4. Absolutely HORRIBLE tires. New P Zeros put on my car when I bought it, fast forward 3,293 miles and they have not tread on the outer half of each tire. I drive in the city mostly, doing city speed and not hard acceleration. The other joke here is that there is ironically “Zero” warranty on the tires. So Pirelli owns no defect or quality issues. Must be nice to put out crappy tires and simply say…”oh well”. Stay clear of these tires at all cost. Not even close to worth the price. The tread wear is horrible and they don’t stand behind their product.

  5. Purchased out Durango SRT with these tires on it, they were great for the first 3000 miles and then I had too rotate them every 3000 after that. I was surprised I needed tires at such a low mileage especially given the SRT is AWD, spinning the tires is hardly achievable. I thought for sure it must be one bad tire but sure enough all 4 where worn to the wear indicators. We drive 72 miles daily mostly highway miles and then a few miles up and down the mountain where we live. Again, this is AWD yet these tires practically disintegrated before our eyes. There is a huge reason Pirelli does not warranty the mileage, they are garbage tires. Pilot Sport A/S 3’s here we come….. A set of tires every other oil change is crazy, very few choices in this size. Back orders —- but it will be worth the wait.

  6. Grippy and excellent performing RFT performance summer tires. Came standard with the car. 1st set lasted for about 10k miles. The right front tire wore down and literally had a section of rubber tear off and the rears were nearly bald. Decided to buy the OEM ones again since they were almost $200 cheaper than a set of Michelin’s due to a promotion. Bad decision.These tires are rather noisy. Worst of all they have horrible tire wear. These new set lasted less than 11k miles this time. Even for a summer tire, that’s not acceptable. Either get a non-RFT with a fix a flat or get the Michelin’s PS2 ZP or AS3plus ZP.

  7. Although this RF tire performed better than the OEM Bridgestone Potenza tires the car came with, one of the 4 Pirelli’s developed a leak in the tread area after only 10,000 miles and 37 months, and a tire dealer examined the tire and stated it was leaking between the different layers. I saw the bubbles coming from the small “crack” and it was definitely not caused by some type of puncture. The tire appeared “deformed” in the area of the leak. This is my wife’s daily driver and she is not a heavy footed driver, so I know the tires are not being abused. Although the other 3 Pirelli tires are holding air, I will be swapping all 4 Pirelli’s out for 4 new Michelin Pilot Super Sport ZP’s immediately!

  8. Just had the alignment and tires checked this morning. I am very disappointed with the tread wear of the rears. The tech just called me. The front tires have an average depth of 7 mils and the rear average 3.2 mils. The alignment checked out and the wear is even across the tires, with the outer being .2 mills less than the inner depth.This is my wife’s car, and she does not drive aggressively at all.Since Pirelli has no tread ware warranty or guarantee, I am left with purchasing 2 new rear tires much sooner than expected. Since these are the OEM recommended tire for the car, I was planning on staying with them, but will definitely look to other brands when the fronts are ready for replacement.

  9. Bought my car with 1700 miles, yes 1700! The tires already looked worn when I bought the car. I have since put another 6000 miles on and I would say I’m spirited driver at times but 90% of my driving is highway and occasion city… I now need new tires!!!

  10. First of all I’ve been through atleast 3 sets of these tires. Bought the car brand new off the showroom floor and the first set of tires went bald before 5000 miles. Thank — I purchased the Tire and Wheel Package and got the front tires replaced for free. Mercedes Benz put the tires on and then did a 4 wheel allignmet for free. After that, the back tires went in 6000 miles and the dealership explained it was the torque that melted the tires and I was like yeah right. My next move was to purchase a lifetime wheel alignment from a 3rd party tire company. The alignment was complete off from the factory so the tire company got the tires back to Mercedes spec. These tires are in my opinion the wrong tires for this heavy car. I will never get this car or these tires again. Thanks Ray

  11. Bought my CLA 250 brand new, picked it up in Germany at their customer pick up center in Stuttgart, drove it in Germany for a little over a year then in California for a few months before I needed to replace all four tires. They balded at about 12-13K miles. No warranty on these tires so it really —-s that they don’t last. In during winter months there were weekly problems with the air pressure decreasing. When driving at high rates of speed (95-110mph) for an extended amount of time(45+minutes), air pressure in these tires also decrease immensely. The overall drive wasn’t anything to rave about either. German roads are maintained way better than US roads are so there was a noticeable noise difference when driving in U.S. streets/highways. Definitely shop for different run flats instead of these OEMs.

  12. My Vehicle had these as OEM. The first set lasted 17,500 miles before hydroplaning was a big problem. I purchased a second set here at Tire Rack and at first they seemed to wear more slowly. I got to 18,000 and they then seemed to dramatically lose tread. Then just yesterday, the bead on my left rear blew out on a freeway at 75mph. I was able to drive on the sidewall for about 3 miles to a local tire shop at which point the tire was destroyed. By the way, I know this wasn’t cause by over or under-inflation as I just happened to have the tire gauge screen on my speedometer in what was just a coincidence. I am TIRED(no pun intended) of spending 2 grand per year(I drive 18-20k miles per year) on tires that really didn’t seem all that great. I replaced my PZeros with Hankook Ventuses. There arent a lot of choices for my jeep in OEM size(295/45 20) so I took a gamble on these. So far the traction, stability and cornering seem comparable, but the noise level and ride quality is vastly improved. I am ok with giving up run flat ability for these attributes, as I have a full size spare anyway.

  13. I have driven nothing Pirelli¿s since my days in scaa solo 1. I wouldn¿t trust any other tire. They have great grip. Tread life isn¿t great but these aren¿t 50000 mile tires. They are fantastic performance tires. They are the only tore I would drive on. I¿m going through at least my 3rd set and would use nothing else

  14. Second time I have had some tires wear wrong. First time was after buying the vehicle CPO direct from dealer. I then purchased 4 new tires and had them installed by a tire rack approved installation center while also paying to have the alignment checked at time of installation. At first they were quiet, but after a few thousand miles the road noise increased. I spoke to my dealer and they indicated that the tires were wearing wrong causing cupping, which is what causes the road noise. Very frustrating to say the least, in light of the cost of the tires.

  15. Run flats typically have a different driving / cornering feel and performance; most including myself do not like run flats. Had OEM GY brand on two Corvette coupes and then my 2017 2SS Camaro. In my view Pirelli P Zero run flats are without question the BEST! Great cornering, handling, performance road feel. These are the ones, if you have to have run flats.

  16. The tires are very good in dry condition especially cornering and accelerate from a stop but the biggest problems I had with these tires are the noise and how them drive in wet condition, I know they are run-flat but the noise is so loud even in a c class and also the traction in wet condition is pretty poor.

  17. These tires were OEM on my Alfa Romeo Giulia Ti (19″ staggered wheels). I am an average driver with some spirited driving on well paved roads. On dry pavement these tires were quick, responsive and secure on tight turns. Less so on wet pavement and prone to hydroplane when worn. The tires lose pressure when the temperature drops and I had to constantly check and inflate the tires during the winter months. I never drove in the snow but drove in cold weather (below 40 degrees). The tire’s performance dropped significantly at temps below 40 degrees. The rear tires were bald by 10,000 miles (unbelievable!). The front tires had 40% tread left. I replaced them with Firestone Firehawk Indy 500s and loving them. Will see how they perform and hold up.

  18. I knew these were a mistake as soon as they were put on. Vehicle is maintained by a race shop, review based on a properly aligned/balanced setup. For the SRT Jeep, the Scorpion All Season tire is OEM. It didn’t have the best driveability, tried these instead. The Good: Super soft compound provides great traction in pristine environments. The Bad: Issue 1. They pick up anything on the road, unfortunately had to replace two due to road trash that the Scorpions would have just rolled over. Issue 2. They are noisy. 3. They pull, and I mean REALLY pull as they grip the road surface and any inconsistencies in it. 4. Their life is incredibly short. In need of replacement and we are barely at the 12k markFinal Verdict? If you’re planning to use these on a daily driven vehicle, save yourself the headache and buy something else.

  19. I’m writing this review specifically for a BMW 135is. All of my ratings are in comparison to the Bridgestone Potenzas that were the stock tire. This is a pretty unique car (one model year), although because of the similarities to the M2, I think my results might generalize well to those too. I hated the stock Potenzas, but I did manage to get 25,000 miles out of them (but any tread remaining on them when I changed them out was very minimal). There is no category where the Pirellis were worse than the Bridgestones, in fact, the Pirellis are much, much quieter. The wet road performance of the Pirellis is light years ahead of the Bridgestones, and rivals that of non-run flat performance tires I have driven. Dry road performance is better than the Bridgestones, but not so much to be a matter of consideration. Finally, the wear after 10,000 on them is much less than the Bridgestones after their first 10,000 miles. Based on this, I expect to get at least 30k out of these, and maybe even closer to 40k if I let them go to the wear level I went with the Potenzas. Persons familiar with the car model will understand that run-flats are almost a necessity. Even if one was to adopt an 18″ doughnut-spare it would either take up 80% of the trunk space, or more than half of the rear seat space. I haven’t been disappointed by the “performance” of these tires. I drive very aggressively, and I doubt I would see much difference between these tires and gummy summer performance tires under most normal driving conditions (I have yet to make them slip accelerating to over 100MPH on highway on-ramps, for example). Considering the choices available in run-flats and their comparative prices, these tires should be a no-brainer for this particular vehicle (and probably any RWD sports car).

  20. Installed these tires with 98k and and I don’t even have 105k and these tires are bald. Evenly worn down, look like racing slicks. I will never buy a Pirelli or recommend them to my customers again at my alignment shop. If anything I will tell them to avoid Pirelli like the plague.

  21. Have had to buy two left front tires in the last six months due to the BMW style 668M rims cutting into the sidewall, even with proper tire pressure. These punctures have both occured on a main freeway in Northern California (bump from an overpass section), so I’m surprised at how fragile they are. Not worth the headache and $$, although at least the run-flats allowed me to carefully drive to the dealership a couple miles away with zero air pressure.

  22. I have replaced four tires since May 30, 2018 due to bubbling and tear through the threads of the wall of the tire. For this high price tire, absolutely unacceptable and a hazard to have these on your vehicle. These tires were the original brand on the 2017 BMW 440 XI… run flats. DO NOT PURCHASE THESE TIRES.

  23. This is my wife’s car. Never driven to it’s true potential. These P Zero run flats are woth Zero to me. From day one, these tires are extremely rough riding and EXTREMELY loud. I’m truly shocked that Mercedes puts these tire on their cars as oe tires. At 17,000 miles the two front tires came apart where the sidewall meets the tread. BOTH front tires. AT THE SAME TIME! Run flats did us no good, the rim was on ground, had to call a wrecker.The tire warrantee purchased from the dealer didn’t cover this but we had to replace these with the same Pirellis because that’s all the dealer would mount, and still took three days to get the car back. We would have had to get another wrecker. not the dealer’s, to tow us to a tire shop to replace the pirellis with something else. I’m now shopping for All Season, High Performance, NON Run Flat tires that will NOT be called Pirellis.

  24. I have always driven on Pirelli’s and almost to a tire P Zero’s. The may be getting a little long in the tooth but I always know what I’m going to get. I used them to race as a 20 something and now that I have a car that requires high performance tires I always replace the OEM tires with Pirellis. Wouldn’t have it any other way. If you want a set of dependable tire go with the P Zero.

  25. Very, very frustrating. Overall, I rate the performance factors as well above average to exceptional. However, it’s like you have to buy new and fairly expensive tires every 9-12 months. I now have my third set in 41,000 miles. This last set has been plagued with: 1) a front tire that blew out a sidewall after about 3,000 miles and this new tire has already worn down to 6/32 in 4 months!; 2) The other front is at 5/32 after a little over 7,000 miles; 3) rear tire has been leaking air for 2+ months and I fortunately just had it repaired at no cost; 4) two rear tires are at 7/32 tread depth. All told, I’ll be lucky to get 10,000 miles out of this set. My last set was about 23,000 and the prior 4 was less than 15,000. You can’t rotate these tires, so this is the way it is.

  26. These are the original tires on my wife’s 2015 BMW X4 2.8. We bought this vehicle used with about 14,000 miles on the odometer. I have always been a “no RFT for me” kind of guy, but I must admit I was pleased with these PERFORMANCE RFT that BMW had put on this car. Handling was great, tires were quiet and the ride was comfortable. At around 17,000 miles, these tires began to “tram-line” the car on uneven pavements. The car would jerk sideways when going over even minor changes to the road surface. There is major freeway construction close to where I live and the width of the lanes has been reduced. It now requires a very concentrated effort to keep the car in a lane. The tires have an UTQG rating of 220. Pretty low and they will not last 25,000 miles. For comparison, I had a BMW 530 (E60) where the original tires lasted just over 60,000 miles.

  27. These came stock on my 2017 X3 35i. Good performance tires. Dry, wet, they stick fine. However, they’re noisy, the stiff sidewalls hurt comfort, and they sure don’t last very long. And once they’re more than half way worn, wet traction is gone. At 15k on them, my AWD truck will hydroplane will very little water on the road. The tires get a greasy feeling and the truck wanders all over the place. I would recommend them, but be prepared to replace them every 18-24 months. At their high cost, that becomes a pricey proposition.

  28. I’ve probably driven over a million miles in my lifetime. This is the first time I have come across a tire that has delaminated while at proper pressure. My wife was driving down the highway in traffic at less than 60mph and started to feel a slight vibration from the rear of the car and an odd whomp whomp whomp sound. Before she could pull over she heard a loud bang and looked in the rear view mirror to see debris hitting other vehicles. The whomp turned into a BANG BANG BANG sound. No low pressure warning on the dash. By the time she was safely able to exit the road the partially delaminated tire (the banging sound was the rubber from the tire that was still partially attached hitting the wheel well) the tire had destroyed the wheel well liner, and also all the wiring harness that ran along the top of the wheel well. Luckily the fuel fill tube was not damaged. I’m estimating about $1000 worth of damage. I’ve even raced in 25hour endurance races and never seen a tire come apart like this. It will be interesting to see how Pirelli stands behind their product.

  29. These RFT were OE on my 2015 X4 (F26). We bought the car from a private party and had no say in the tire choice. I have rented Bimmers in Germany with RFT and ended up hating them (the tires). In fact, when I factory-ordered a 2017 X4, I specifically ended up with the M40i because it had an option for conventional tires. And very nice ones too: Michelin Pilot Sport. So, from the get-go, I was convinced I would hate these Pirelli P-Zero RFT tires that my wife’s car had. However, I must confess that the handling, ride and noise comfort were top notch. As a friend of mine said “All RFT are not created equal.” The only negative is the thread life. These tires were shot after only 20,400 miles of getting groceries etc. etc. (all Los Angels/Orange County driving). The wear rating for these tires is in fact only 220, but still. Thes tires, as good and comfortable as they were, have been replaced by conventional high performance summer tires – at about half the cost.

  30. So far, these are the best run flat tires I have had on my car. They are quieter and handle pot holes better than the Dunlaps I had on before. So far wear is excellent. I am mainly highway and not overly aggressive in driving style. I expect these tires will last about 20,000 miles – which is good for this type of tire.


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