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Recommended tires for Subaru

While Subaru started out in 1918, it was only in 1968 that the Subaru brand was introduced in the US marketplace. Nissan ended up buying 20% of the company due to the government regulation of the day that had the company merging with a company that came to be known as General Motors.

The company began producing its first BRAT into North America as early as 1977. One year back, the company had entered the Canadian market. The Brat was characterized with four-wheel-drive marinated up to date coupled up with a small truck bed.

The Subaru Brad model was well received by the American Public where President Reagan even bought one of this cars.

In a move aimed at growth, the company partnered with VDT to produce continuous variable transmissions where the use of conventional gears was discouraged. The system is still used up to date as it was more efficient than the conventional geared transmissions of the days back then.

From the 1990s henceforth, Subaru kept growing insisting on offering only all-wheels drive types of tires. This is the main reason why even up to date, Subaru’s name is synonymous with the four-wheel-types of tires.

In a surprising turn of events, Toyota ended up buying 8.5 of Subaru’s father company, Fuji Heavy Industry in 2005. This meant that Toyota and Subaru would now engage each other in a joint operation. This move saw the designing of a front engine rear wheel drive vehicle that used Toyota’s direct injection and transmission technology with that of Subaru’s horizontal engine. The result was the production of the reputable brands in the form of Scion FR-S, Toyota FT-86, and Subaru BR-Z.

Strategies for choosing the best tires for Subaru

We understand that the process of choosing the right type of tires for your car can be a daunting challenge. But we are here to help.

Replacing your car’s tire is something that you have to do as some point as driving on old worn out tires can be dangerous and can easily leave you stranded while on the road.

The following step-by-step guide will help you to find the right type of tires for your Subaru model. The following are some of the things to keep into consideration:

• Is your car customized?  In many cases, tinted windows, chrome jobs, paint jobs, and custom exhausts tend to be accumulated with a certain unique style of tires. This is why many drivers tend to opt for low profiles for the customized cars. For drivers who own classic cars, or antique types of cars, they are always advised to go for the type of tires that are historically proven to do well with the car models.

• Do you live in a place that has severe cold weather conditions? For Subaru owners who lived in areas prone to cold weather conditions they are advised to choose the type of tires that are specifically designed to do well in snow and icy surfaces.