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Recommended Tires for KIA

KIA has come a long way to becoming the second-largest car maker in South Korea. As of 2015, KIA had sold over 3.3 million units.

What is even more interesting about KIA is the fact that the company started out as a bicycle and steel tubing company. It was in 1962 that the company started producing trucks which was later on followed by the production of cars in 1974. Today, the company is continuously growing where it introduces new cars innovated with newer technologies such as the KIA Soul.

Strategies for choosing the best tires for KIA

Tire size

The first thing that users need to figure out is the tire size of their cars. Such type of information can be obtained from the placard situated on the inside of the driver’s side door.

Your current tires will also have the measurement loading. You will always find something like this 21565R15 95H.

15 translates to your car’s wheel diameter. The P part reflects a passenger type of tire. 215 reflects the width of the tire. With the 95h indicating the load index.

Choosing the right tire type for KIA

• All-season tires: With this type of tires, users are guaranteed a very smooth and quiet ride that is fuel-efficient. Their only demerit is the fact that they do not do extremely well in harsh weather conditions such as snow and icy weather conditions.

• Snow and winter tires: These types of tires are designed to thrive in conditions where the all-season type of tires fall short. They come with stencil rubber casing that does not end up stiffening in cold temperatures. The fact that they provide good traction in snow and icy road conditions make them suitable for such extreme weather conditions.

• Performance tires: Customized for drivers who have performance and speed in mind which is why they are trendy in sports cars.

• Summer tires: Specifically designed to handle at least 3 seasons in one year and can easily handle such road conditions as rocky and muddy surfaces. They also do significantly well in the beaten path, something that cannot be said for other types of tires.

• Touring tires: These tires are customized in a way they end up improving the drivers with smooth and comfortable driving experiences. Once you own this tires, you are guaranteed a long tread life, reliability, and reduced noise aspect. They often come in as the all-season type of tires which means that they can handle dry and wet conditions.

• Mud terrain tires: Designed to handle sandy and mud road conditions with much ease. They come with added rugged tread patterns that help one’s car to get solid traction which makes them very reliable in off-roading. Their only demerit is the fact they are not as smooth and comfortable when used on normal roads.

• Spare tires: Users are always advised to always carry an extra spare tire, just in case the unexpected happens. Users can easily opt for compact tires or a full-size tire package depending on their different needs. A compact spare tire will allow users to get a new tire on any nearby auto shop.