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General Motors company which initially went by the name GMC Division of General Motors is as of today an international company that focuses on selling utility vehicles and trucks. GMC specializes in selling renowned brands such as vans, pickups, buses, trucks, sport utility vehicles’, and military vehicles.

The company celebrated its 100 years of being in existence in a style back in 2002. Also in the year 2007, the company reached another milestone by introducing a crossover SUV which was first unibody type of a vehicle.

In 2009 GMC Company closed the production of medium-duty commercial trucks, and introduced midsized crossover SUV ON the GMC platform which shared with the Chevrolet Equinox brand.

Currently, GMC Company manufactures pick-ups, vans and light-duty vehicles that cater for a premium based market. During the early years, GMC had focused on ambulances and fire trucks.

What to consider when choosing the best GMC tires

  1. Life span of the tread. Treads rating is important because it gives the accurate representation of average life span. That’s why the US government department of transportation has immensely insisted on the need for the manufacturers to grade their tires facilitating the temperature resistance and thus enhancing quality in the market. These tests are conducted solely by the manufacturers abiding by the department of transportation rules and regulations. Tread wear receives a comparative grading determined upon the rating of the tire during the field testing. For instance, the tire grade for 160 wears 50 percent longer than a tire graded for 90. The real performance of the tire can significantly be different depending on their conditions used by the UTGQ labeling system.
  2. Weather conditions. The wet condition is a factor that would be greatly considered because if you live in states such as Washington or Oregon you would want to look out for a much-wet weather conditioned tire that favors the climatic conditions of the place compared to the warmer places like Nevada. Those living in the Snow Belt areas a four seasoned tire should be considered.
  3. Speed rate. In the plains like the New Mexico or Idaho where the rural interstate speed limit is around 75mph you’re going to need a tire that is speed rated over 150mph. Hence that will be much cheaper and likely not feel the difference from the real world. Speed ratings signify the safe top speed of a tire under the required conditions. For a street car with a V rated tire will be ideal in the high speeding zones. Usually, most ultra-high performance has a speeding rate of at least V.
  4. Quality. Low-quality tires such as the 40 series or the 50 series can be great but won’t be ideal on the harsh bumps on the roads, compared to the much high graded quality of 55 and 60 thereby damaging the wheel leading to increased cost of car maintenance. Moreover, some tread designs are noisy depending on their respective brands, for instance, while driving in super high ways.