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Ford’s best tire types

Whenever the brand Ford is mentioned, many people tend to look at the founder Henry Ford who revolutionized the automobile industry. From its humble beginning in 1903, the company has grown tremendously to the point that it is one of the largest automobile companies in the world. The company sells its automobile brands under the Ford brand while the Lincoln brand is responsible for seeing its high-end luxurious cars.

The company also comprises several other companies such as Troller in Brazil, Aston Martin situated in UK and China’s Jiangling Motors. Today, the company is traded as a public company that is controlled by the Ford family who has the majority power when it comes to voting despite owning the minority shares.

Ford was the first company to do assembly line production of its cars, an idea that was later referred to as Fordism. Its innovative ideas helped the company to grow to its current level. As of today, the company is the second largest automobile producing car in the US and the fifth largest worldwide only coming short of famous brands such as General Motors and Toyota.

The company has a huge share in the European market where it is ranked as the fifth largest automobile company in the region. As of 2018 achieved yet another milestone where it took the eleventh position on Fortune 500 ranking. During this time, the company witnessed a revenue collection of approximately $157 billion. The company is also a big job-creating unit where it has employed over 213,000 workers drawn from all parts of the globe.

Strategies for choosing the right Ford Tires

When it comes to determining the right tire size for your Ford car, users are reminded to always check with the owner’s manual to find the right tire measurements. In most cases, it takes the form like P215/60R16 94T where the “P215/60R16 accounts for the tires diameter and width. The “94” specification highlights the load index which indicates the amount of weight that each tire can withstand. The “T” part reflects the speed rating indicating the maximum sped that the tires are expected to be placed under.

It is very important that users should ensure that they always match the Ford tire’s size allocations. But they do have the freedom to go even higher on the speed rating and the resultant load index.

The right type of tires for your Ford’s car

While there are many tire websites that would provide you with all the information that you may need on the sizes of tires, users are advised to go the extra mile to ensure that they match their car’s speed rating. The information provided below will help you to find the right tire type for your car:

  • All-seasoned tires that can run any weather condition. They are also known to last longer which would guarantee you value for your money. They come in T- and S-speed ratings.
  • Performance all-season tires that have improved cornering grip than the previous T- and S-ratings tires. Their only demerit is that they do not last as long as expected. These type tires come with H- and V-speed rating.
  • Summer tires and Ultra high-performance all-season tires that come with a Y-, W- and ZR-speed ratings for sedans and sports cars.
  • All-terrain truck tires and all-season tires that come in large sizes than other types of tires. They are specifically designed that way so as to enhance towing and hauling duties of the Ford brands.
  • Snow and winter tires which have a snowflake symbol that is designed with braking enhancement in mind.