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Recommended tires for Dodge

At the beginning of the 20th century, two brothers Horace and John Dodge founded the Dodge Brothers Company. The company produced its first car model in the form of Dodge Model 30 which ended up competing with the Ford Model T.  With the company insisting on producing high-end cars, the company was the second-highest selling automaker in the country.

Unfortunately, the Dodge brothers ended up dying in 1920. This unfortunate event saw the company being sold to Read & Co in 1925. The company was officially bought by Chrysler in 1928.

The company ended up producing some reputable brands such as the D11 Luxury Liner 4-Door, the series 124 Sedan, the Dodge Coronet, and the Dodge Custom 4-door.

But it is the Dodge Caravan model that ended up being the most popular of all Dodge models. This is the case as the model was designed to suit American families where it is loved up to date.

Today, Dodge has high-end performance cars in the market such as the Challengers, the Charger, and the Compact Dart.

Strategies for choosing the best tires for Dodge

The following are some of the recommend tires for Dodge

• Summer Tires: these types of tires are customized to do well in warm weather conditions. Users should always remove this tires when the temperature falls below 70C.

• All-season tires: These type of tires are specifically designed to well both in wet and warm weather conditions.

• Winter tires: these type of tires are guaranteed to give you a good driving experience in cold weather conditions, especially during winter. But it is highly recommended not to use them if the temperatures end up being consistently over 70C.

In many cases, the type of tire that you will need for your car will depend on two things; your type of vehicle and the driving conditions you will be driving in.

For drivers that are interested in good handling capability and comfort, they should opt for touring tires which are proven to offer good dependability on dry and wet pavements.

For sports cars, users are advised to opt for the high-performance type of tires which are guaranteed to offer higher speeds in both wet and dry weather conditions. This is mainly the case as they come with a softer rubber casing that provided additional grip to your car.

SUV and Pick-up owners are advised to buy light truck tires. This is the case as the light truck tires are known to offer good driving experiences in muddy and dirt-like surfaces.

At the end of the day, users should always ensure that the new tires that they end up buying must meet their respective needs. You should not only think about the normal typical conditions that you will be driving in but also the worst weather conditions that you may experience.

You can easily opt for winter tires that are good in icy, snowy and wet conditions as they were well optimized to do well in such conditions. But they can also do well in dry conditions as well which means you will end up getting the value of two with one purchase.

Certain users who tend to take their cars off the road are advised to go for off-road tires. This type of tires come with stiffer sidewalls that offer greater resistance against such aspects as puncture when on the road.