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Audi is a reputable Germany based automobile maker that specializes in producing high-end luxury cars.

The company’s name, just like the company itself, has a lot of history where it is based on the Latin translation if the original owner of the company August Horch. When translated, the word Horch translates to listen in Germany with its Latin version being Audi. That is how the word Audi as the company’s name was arrived upon.

Audi is as of today producing high-end cars making use of the full scale of technology. In fact, this is the main reason why Audi has gone with such slogans as “Being ahead through technology,” and its recent slogan change of “Truth in engineering.” That is not surprising to learn that Audi, alongside Mercedes-Benz and BMW, are the world’s leading bestselling luxurious models in the whole world.

Strategies for choosing the best tires for Audi

The vice of mixing tires when replacing your car’s tires is deemed as a good way of improving your car’s performance. Some important things to keep in mind are”

  • Always ensure that tires of the same type are always on the same axle. Simply just bene mix bias-ply tires with radial tires.
  • If you happen to buy tires that are of different sizes, then you must ensure that the larger tires are installed on the rear axle.
  • It is also very important that the larger tires should never be more than ½-1” bigger larger on the outer side when compared to those found on the inside.
  • It is also never a good idea to mix touring tires with off-road tread patterns.

In the end, nothing is as satisfying as one being able to select the right tire size that comes with the right load index and the right speed rating. This is the case as the right tire size would mean that your car will have improved performance. The right speed rating would translate to your car traveling at the required speed without experiencing any problem. With the right load index, you will be assured of not only stability but also safety I the event that you never overload your car.

Additionally, users can easily get all the information that they need about the right tires for their car by checking on the sidewall.

It also a good habit to consult with your car’s manual where you can find stipulated information on the right type of tires, speed rating, among many other things. The tips provided in the manual should go a long way to help you avoid making avoidable mistakes. This is the case as the car’s manual will contain such information as your tire’s load capacity. The maximum inflation rate, and the tires size that the wheels can comfortably accommodate.

Fuel economy is also another critical factor to keep in mind. This is even more important keeping in mind that your fuel economy is not only affected by the type of tires you purchase alone. You can have the right type of tires for your car but with a low air pressure which would negatively impact your fuel economy.

The last best way to buying the right types of tires is by looking at the review sections of each of the different tire types that you want to purchase. Such a review section will provide you with all the useful information you need on how the tires have been performing on other different types of cars.