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Best tires for Acura

The Acura brand came to be as a result of Honda executives deciding to come with a new version of Sedan as a way of meeting the needs of luxury buyers at the time. But the name Acura was not officially used until 1984. This was soon followed by over sixty Acura dealerships stores being opened two years later. In just one year of its existence, the Acura version had sold over 52, 000 and opened mother dealership shops.

In fact, it is the success of the Acura brand that made other Japanese automakers to produce their luxury brands in the form of Toyota and Nissan. The success of the Acura did not end there where the company produced the first aluminum made car in the form of The Acura NSX model. Up to date, the Acura brand still remains as one of the best known and loved luxury brands in the world.

Drivers who are happy with the current car performance are advised to continue buying originals products for their cars. But for those who are not entirely satisfied with what their cars are handling at the moment are encouraged to seek other tire options in the market. One can easily make the change by simply shifting from using all-season tires to using summer tires.

The good thing is the fact that our experts are readily available to help users with their tires’ options.

Strategies for choosing the best tires for Acura

Figuring out the tire size that you need for your car

Users are advised to start by checking with the car’s manual to find the stipulated tire measurements for their vehicles. In many cases, users will see something like P215/60R16 94T.

The part “P215/60R16” translates to your car tires’ different size measurements such as the diameter and the width of the tire. The 94 labeling translates to the load index which indicates the maximum weight that each tire can hold. The T part reflects the speed rating of your car.

Users’ should always ensure that they match their tire’s size measurements. However, users have the luxury of going even higher if they wish.

The type of tires recommended for your Acura Car

• All-season tires: These types of tires are known for their excellent all-weather grip coupled up with their long mileage. They are labeled with the S- and T- speed ratings.

• Performance all-season tires: These type of tires are best known for their improved cornering grip than the all-season kind of tires. They are rated as H- and V- speed rating with their only demerit being the fact that they do not last very long.

• Ultra-high-performance summer and all season-tires: Rated as Y- W-, and ZR-; they are mainly used in high-performance sedans and sports cars.

• All-terrain truck and all-season tires. They tend to come with larger tires than average as they are designed for towing and hauling duties in SUVs and pickups. In fact, the All-terrain tires tend to have an improved tread pattern that aids in off-road traction.

• Snow and winter tires: These type of tires tend to have busier treads with lots of slits that improve their performance in snow and ice-like conditions.